Frankie Cena founded Fostering Debate Talent (FDT) Academy in 2016 with a single goal in mind: to help young people effectively voice their opinions and discover their passion for public speaking. Having had a successful debate career in high school, Frankie decided to volunteer as a Debate Coach at his high school after graduation. He witnessed tremendous growth in the abilities of his students and took on the role of coaching in a more formal capacity, eventually forming FDT.

At FDT, we help foster a passion for dialogue and the ability to see issues from multiple angles. By joining the Academy, you will become part of a community of public speakers who are motivated to work hard, hone their skills, and succeed. Our students have won numerous regional, national and international tournaments around the world. FDT is the only debate and public speaking academy in British Columbia with students who have become members of both the Canadian National Debate Team and the Canadian National Speech Team. Our students can expect to better position themselves for university applications, and follow in the footsteps of countless alumni who have gone on to attend prestigious universities around the world.

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