FDT sweeps top awards at RE Mountain Novice Tournament

On Friday night in Langley FDT brought 17 teams to the 2nd Annual R.E. Mountain Novice Invitational. We are so proud to announce that FDT took the top awards in the Grade 4-6 and Grade 7-8 category. Vanessa Zhang and Alice Shen were the top Grade 7-8 team and Aiden Han and Jerry Li were the top Grade 4-6 team. Moreover Cynthia Wang and Edward Gao were the 2nd place team in the 7-8 category. In the 4-6 category Veronica Guo and Vincent Guo came in 2nd place and Cynthia and Athena Yu came in 3rd.

For speaker awards, Edward was the top speaker in Grade 7-8 category while Cynthia came in 2nd. Veronica came in 2nd in the Grade 4-6 category, Aiden came in 3rd, and Athena came in 4th.  

We are so happy about the achievements and hard work of our students and look forward to future successes!

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