FDT students named among Top 5 public speakers in Canada

This weekend, several FDT students competed at the Junior Public Speaking Nationals held at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver. The competition features multiple public speaking categories including impromptu, persuasive, debate, interpretative reading,and solo acting and it features some of Canada’s top public speakers who qualified from their own provincial competitions.

Congratulations to Nora Zhu who placed as the 3rd best speaker overall in the entire country! Moreover we want to congratulate Katherine Feng who placed 4th overall, and Jena Yue who placed 17th. In the individual categories our students did exceptionally as well. Nora Zhu placed 2nd in impromptu speaking and 2nd in solo acting, while Jena Yue placed 3rd in interpretive reading. Finally, we need to congratulate Eric Li and Katherine Feng for making it to the debate final and Katherine Feng and Jena Yue for making it to the impromptu final.

We are so proud of our students’ hard work and accomplishments!

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