FDT debaters make Quarter-finals at ARGO Open

Last week FDT debaters participated in the first international tournament of the school year: the ARGO 2020 Open. The tournament is typically held in Romania but this year it was held online and featured even more of the world’s best debaters.

We had 3 teams compete and we are so proud to announce that 2 teams broke to the elimination rounds! Congratulations to FDT Red (Sean Oh, Darren Yang, Nora Zhu, Angela Lu, Xinyi Li) who broke 4th overall and advanced straight to the Quarterfinals. Moreover, FDT Purple (Michelle Liu, Vanessa Zhang, Isabella Park, Angelina Yeung, Alice Shen) broke 12th and advanced to the Partial Octo-finals. Finally, we want to recognize Angela Lu who ranked as the 7th place speaker overall.

Excellent work from all our students in an incredibly competitive tournament!

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