A message to all FDT students and their families

As many of you are well aware the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak is causing many schools around the world to adapt to best meet the needs of their students while at the same time keeping everyone safe. With this in mind, FDT has decided that starting March 29th, we will resume all of our normally scheduled classes online through Zoom. Zoom is a free and easy to use video-conferencing service that will allow our classes to continue on in as close a manner to how they would in real life. FDT is well equipped to handle online coaching. Our founder Frankie Cena has coached Team Denmark online for a number of years resulting in that team breaking at Worlds and even winning the Best Foreign Language Team award. We believe that while online FDT can and will offer the same high-level of instruction as we do currently.

We encourage all of our students and their parents to, before classes begin, familiarize themselves with how Zoom works so that the transition can be as seamless as possible. Clear instructions will be sent before March 29th.

Furthermore, even with this small disruption, FDT is eagerly welcoming new students to sign up for debate and speech classes for the last term of the year. Contact cathy@fdtacademy.com or visit www.fdtacademy.com to register for classes today!

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