Nora Zhu wins BC Provincial Public Speaking Championships!

It has been another weekend of successes for FDT at the annual BC Provincial Public Speaking Championships in Vancouver which brought together high school students from across the province to compete in 4 public speaking events: Debate, Persuasive Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, and Interpretative Reading.

We are happy to announce that FDT student Nora Zhu has won the Championship and been named the Top Public Speaker in BC! Moreover, 6 of the top 8 speakers were from FDT. Congratulations to Joyce Chen who came in 2nd, Nicholas Viegas who came 3rd, Vivian Gu who came 4th, Natalie Viegas who came 5th, and Emily Ni who came 7th.

Moreover of the 22 Finalists for the 4 events, 17 were from FDT which is a new record for us at this competition. Congratulations to Jena Yue for coming 2nd in debate and Joyce Chen for placing 3rd, with Emily Ni also being a finalist. Congrats to Vivian Gu for placing 1st in persuasive speech with Nicholas Viegas coming in 2nd, Emily Ni coming in 3rd, and Joyce Chen and Nora Zhu also being finalists. In impromptu speaking Natalie Viegas came in 3rd place overall with Skyler Chan, Emily Ni, and Nora Zhu also making the finals. Finally, in interpretative reading, Joyce Chen came in 1st place and Nora Zhu came in 3rd with Nicholas Viegas and Natalie Viegas also being finalists.

What an amazing weekend! Nora, Joyce, Nicholas, Vivian, Natalie, and Emily have all qualified for the National Public Speaking Championships held later this year in Winnipeg. We wish them the best of luck!

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