Meet FDT’s Students of the Year

At our Gala, we announced our students of the year. The FDT staff spent hours looking at students in 3 categories: Novice, Junior, and Senior, to choose one student in each who best exemplified the virtues of success and hard work. The task was daunting, to say the least, but we are so happy to announce the winners of this award.

Our Novice Student of the Year is Cynthia Wang.
Our Junior Student of the Year is Eric Li.
And finally, our Senior Student of the Year is Allan Lee!

We would also like to recognize all of the students who won student of the month through this year.

October: Cynthia Wang
November: Matthew Yu
January: Henry Zhang
February: Alice Shen
March: Athena Yu
April: Vicky Zhang
May: Veronica Guo
June: Cynthia Yu

October: Eric Li
November: Vivian Gu
January: Alice Xu
February: Risa Shimmura
March: Jason Guo
April: Grace Lee
May: Aurora Zhang
June: Emily Qiu

October: Allan Lee
November: Leo Wang
January: Jefferey Shen
February: Nellie Sun
March: Alison Lee
April: Judy Rhee
May: Kelly Ho
June: Jamin Feng

We look forward to crowning new students of the month next year!

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