FDT teams take junior and senior titles at UBC Fall tournament

On Friday and Saturday, UBC held its annual Fall High School Tournament, one of the largest tournaments in Canada featuring hundreds of excellent debaters from across BC. We are so happy to announce that FDT students were named as champions in the senior, junior, and novice category!

Congratulations to Anthony Chu and Jason Guo for being named the senior champion team! Moreover, congrats to Ellen Li and Lauren Meikle for breaking to the final round.

In the junior category, we were treated to a competitive all-FDT final with Alice Xu and Aurora Zhang against Emily Qiu and Jerry Zhang. Congratulations to the champions Alice and Aurora! Moreover, we want to recognize Jesse Liu and Alex Logan for placing 3rd as a team, Sean Oh and Annie Lu for placing 7th, Leo Polanski for placing 8th, and Andrew Lu and David Xia for placing 9th. 

Furthermore, we want to congratulate Vanessa Zhang and Michelle Liu for placing as the top novice team! We had great results in speaker rankings as well. Ellen Li placed as the top speaker in the senior category with Lauren Meikle placing 2nd, and Emily Ni placing 7th.

In the junior category Alice Xu placed as the 4th place speaker, Alex Logan placed 6th, Andrew Lu placed 7th, Aurora Zhang placed 8th, Emily Qiu placed 9th, Caitlin Mah placed 10th, and Sean Oh placed 11th. Among novice speakers congrats to Angelina Yeung for placing as the top novice speaker, with Rohan Singh placing 3rd, Vanessa Zhang for placing 4th, and Michelle Liu for placing 5th.

What an amazing weekend. We are so proud of the hard work of our students.

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