FDT shows scholarly excellence at the World Scholar’s Cup

Last weekend, FDT took over 20 students to the World Scholars Cup round in Vancouver at Mulgrave School. The World Scholars Cup is a global competition where top students compete to demonstrate their knowledge of history, literature, and science across 4 events. It’s a high-level and challenging competition that our students have been studying for months to prepare for. 

There were too many standout results to mention all of them, so here is just a snapshot of our students’ successes. 

Scholar’s Bowl
– 4th place Junior Team: Aurora Zhang, Katherine Feng, Vanessa Zhang

Scholar’s Challenge
– 2nd place Junior: Vicky Zhang
– Subject Prize for History, Literature, and Science: Vicky Zhang
– Honour Medalists: Katherine Feng, Alice Xu, Ivy Ye, Alice Shen, Athens Wu, Jena Yue, Veronica Guo

– 3rd place Junior: Katherine Feng
– 10th place Senior: Alannah Zhou
– 8th place Senior: Charles Zha
– 3rd place Senior: Emmalyn Tsang
– 2nd place Senior: Arial Chen
– 14th place Junior Team: Athena Yu, James Zhang, Richard Ma
– 7th place Junior Team: Katherine Feng, Aurora Zhang, Vanessa Zhang
– 1st place Senior Team: Emmalyn Tsang, Arial Chen, Charles Zha

– 5th place Junior Speaker: Athens Wu
– 4th place Junior Speaker: Katherine Feng
– 3rd place Junior Speaker: Jena Yue
– 1st place Junior Speaker: Vicky Zhang
– 9th place Senior Speaker: Charles Zha
– 5th place Senior Speaker: Emmalyn Tsang
– 1st place Senior Speaker: Alannah Zhou
– 14th place Junior Team: Ivy Ye, Julia Guo, Jerry Li
– 4th place Junior Team: Aurora Zhang, Katherine Feng, Vanessa Zhang
– 5th place Senior Team: Charles Zha, Emmalyn Tsang, Arial Chen

Overall Champions
– 13th place Junior: Alice Xu
– 6th place Junior: Athens Wu
– 4th place Junior: Katherine Feng
– 2nd place Junior: Jena Yue
– 1st place Junior: Vicky Zhang
– 10th place Senior: Charles Zha
– 9th place Senior: Emmalyn Tsang
– 2nd place Senior: Alannah Zhou
– 11th place Junior Team: Ivy Ye, Julia Guo, Jerry Li
– 10th place Junior Team: Fiona Li, Jessica Zhao, Vicky Zhang
– 4th place Junior Team: Aurora Zhang, Vanessa Zhang, Katherine Feng

Finally, many of our students will be heading to the next stage of the World Scholar’s Cup which is the Global Round being held in Spain, Malaysia, and Australia this Summer. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for more information about that!

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