FDT Purple win Top Novice Team at VWSDC

This July, FDT hosted our first ever international worlds style tournament, the Vancouver World Schools Debate Championship. Featuring 72 teams from 26 countries VWSDC was one of the most competitive tournaments of the year. We are so happy to announce some amazing results for our students!

Congratulations to FDT Purple (Alice Xu, Aurora Zhang, Eric Li, Jonathan Chu, Randy Chang) for breaking to the Double Octofinals, defeating several teams before reaching the Global Quarterfinals. Moreover, FDT Purple competed in the Novice Final, winning the award for Top Novice Team. We also want to congratulate FDT Blue (Alex Logan, Diya Perry, Ellen Li, Nicholas Viegas, Kelly Zeng) and FDT Red (Jason Guo, Emily Ni, Jena Yue, Vivian Gu, Grace Lee) for reaching the Octofinals as well as FDT Green (Sean Oh, Darren Yang, Annie Lu, Jerry Zhang, Joe Gu) for making it to the Double Octofinals. Finally we want to congratulate the Denmark National Team coached by FDT instructor Arsalan Ghaemi for winning the Top EFL Team Award.

We want to especially congratulate our debaters who stood out as individual speakers. Congratulations to Alex Logan for placing 4th overall in the Caribou division of VWSDC, Ellen Li for placing 11th, and Nicholas Viegas for placing 16th. In the Novice rankings congrats to Jonathan Chu for placing as the Top Novice Speaker, Randy Chang for placing 2nd in the Novice category, Eric Li for placing 3rd, Alice Xu for placing 4th, Jerry Zhang for placing 5th, Aurora Zhang for placing 7th, Isabella Park for placing 9th, and Michelle Liu for placing 10th.

We are so proud of all of our debaters for their effort and talent which reflects in their success as well as all of FDT’s staff for putting in the work to make VWSDC a smashing success!

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