FDT Black are UPenn World Schools Champions!

We are proud to announce that this weekend at the 2020 UPenn World Schools Online Tournament, out of 44 of the world’s top teams, FDT broke 4th to the elimination rounds, advanced to the finals and won against Team Wales to take 1st place in the competition! Congratulations to Athens Wu, Koby Chen, Nikki Wu, Parsa Bagheri, and Darren Yang for all of their hard work and success.

We also want to congratulate FDT Red (Emily Ni, Emily Xin, Max Rosen, Jena Yue, Grace Lee) for breaking 1st undefeated and making it to the semi-final round, finishing in 3rd place overall! Finally, we want to recognize FDT students that won speaker awards. Congrats to Rohan Singh for placing as the Top Novice Speaker and 12th overall, Jena Yue for placing 4th overall, and Jonathan Chu for placing 15th.

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