4 FDT students place among Top 10 speakers in the world

The World Individual Public Speaking and Debate Championship just concluded its first ever online championship featuring many of the world’s top public speakers including several FDT students.

We have fantastic results to announce. Congratulations to Emily Ni for placing as the 2nd best public speaker in the world! Moreover, we want to recognize Vivian Gu for placing 3rd globally, Joyce Chen for placing 5th, and Nora Zhu for placing 7th.

In each of the public speaking categories our students excelled. In the debate category Emily Ni, Vivian Gu, and Joyce Chen placed as finalists and in the interpretative reading category Nora Zhu made it to finals. In persuasive speaking Jena Yue, Emily Ni, and Joyce Chen finished as finalists with Emily Ni placing 3rd overall. In impromptu speech Emily Ni, Nora Zhu, and Jena Yue made it to the finals with Emily Ni placing 3rd.

We are so proud of our students achieving such monumental success in such a competitive and prestigious global tournament.

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