Why Debate?

Debate is the act of formal disagreement. It's the same activity that has sharpened the minds of such influential people as Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher, and Oprah Winfrey. More than just teaching you how to form arguments, debate teaches you how to use rhetoric and evidence to your advantage, forming a skill set that follows debaters to succeed in their future academic and professional careers. 

Being able to persuade people through public speaking helps with interviews, paper writing, research, presenting, and most importantly in developing critical thinking abilities that allow debaters to reach high levels of success in all aspects of their lives. At Fostering Debate Talent Academy we believe that debate and speech is the single best investment in a student's future. Our dedicated team of instructors, as well as the expertise of the world renowned debate coach Frankie Cena, work to make sure every student finds value in what we teach.

Why choose FDT?

Frankie Cena founded FDT Academy with a single goal in mind: to help young people argue effectively for their beliefs and discover their passion for public speaking. His track record speaks for itself. He has coached teams that have:

  • Won the Canadian National Debating Tournament in 2015

  • Won the Heart of Europe Tournament in The Czech Republic in 2013 and 2015

  • Won the EurOpen tournament in Germany in 2013

  • Gone to the International Competition for Young Debaters in Oxford and Cambridge three times, winning twice in 2013 and 2014

  • Advanced to the Quarterfinals of the World Schools Debating Championship in Bali, Indonesia in 2017

FDT is the only academy in Vancouver that has trained students who have become members of the Canadian National Debate Team and Canadian National Public Speech Team. Furthermore, Frankie Cena is one of the only coaches in the country to have had 5 students on Team Canada at the same time: Ashley Phord Toy, Saara Meghji, Angelina Zhang, Andrew Yun, and Rosa Rahimi who were on the 2017/2018 team.

Our former students, now graduated, have gone on to Ivy-League educations and exciting career paths. Read more about them on the Testimonials page.

Visit our Hall of Fame page to learn more about our stellar record of success. 

Our Programs

We currently offer group classes, sorted by age and level, that teach basic to advanced debate skills. Our youngest classes have students in elementary school learning how to form arguments and write speeches. Our older classes prepare high school students for high level tournaments. 

In addition to debate we also offer dedicated classes to teaching public speaking in preparation for competing at public speaking competitions as well as Model UN classes where experienced instructors teach fundamental skills to help students prepare for Model UN conferences.

While most of our classes are in groups, we also offer one-on-one private lessons where we can tailor learning to a student's individual needs. For those far away from the Lower Mainland or who can't make it to our Academy, we offer classes through Skype as well. 

For further information including rates, please contact us.