Students shine at FDT Optimist Oratorical Competition

Earlier this month, FDT held our very own edition of the Optimist Oratorical Competition.

The Optimist Oratorical Competition is a competition held annually around the world that inspires students to explore the power of optimism through public speaking. This year, all students were asked to speak on the topic of “Healing the World with Optimism”. We were happy to listen to so many speeches that were inspiring, thoughtful, and passionate. Without further ado, here are all the awards from the competition.

Overall Awards

Champion Speaker: Angel Zhao
2nd Speaker: Enya Fang
3rd Speaker: Vanessa Chen
4th Speaker: Victoria Moldovan
5th Speaker: Jason Yang
6th Speaker: Jaiden Ahuja
7th Speaker: Jennifer Nguyen
8th Speaker: Aiden Yi
9th Speaker: Sarah Alam
10th Speaker: Jonah Leibu
11th Speaker: Justin Nguyen
12th Speaker: Ilina Wu
13th Speaker: Kevin Junchen Li
14th Speaker: Ekatarina Gofsky

Junior Awards

Champion Speaker: Vanessa Chen
2nd Speaker: Aiden Yi
3rd Speaker: Justin Nguyen
4th Speaker: Ilina Wu
5th Speaker: Kevin Junchen Li

The top 14 speakers have advanced to the next stage of the competition at the Club level. We wish them the best of luck!

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