Kiran and Angelina win Lower Mainland West Championship after all-FDT final

Last Saturday at the Lower Mainland West Regional Tournament, after 4 rounds of intense debate in the senior category, FDT's own instructors battled it out in the final round. In the end Kiran Basra and Angelina Zhang were named champions! We want to congratulate them on their victory and also to Saara Meghji and Bianca Dammholz who were runner-ups. Moreover we have some other great results to announce.In the senior category, Kelly Ho and Joyce Chen came in 4th place overall, Nellie Sun and Bobo Wong came in 5th, and Nikki Wu and Joanna Chen came in 7th. In the junior category the Champion team was Ellen Li and Vivian Gu followed by Emily Ni and Lauren Meikle in 4th, Caitlin May and Hailey Chen in 5th, Skyler Chan and Jason You in 6th place, and Grace Lee and Selina Xu in 8th.

Individually, as speakers, our students did excellently as well. Bianca Dammholz was the top speaker overall in the senior category, Saara Meghji came 2nd, Kiran Basra came 4th, Joyce Chen came 6th, Angelina Zhang came 7th, Nikki Wu came 8th, and Nellie Sun came 10th. In the junior category, Emily Ni came 1st overall, Ellen Li came 2nd, Vivian Gu came 4th, Lauren Meikle came 5th, and Skyler Chan came 9th.

That means overall we have 18 students and instructors from FDT qualifying to provincials from this region! We wish the students the best of the luck at provincials in March.

FDT team makes finals at Lower Mainland North Regionals

FDT team makes finals at Lower Mainland North Regionals

Just yesterday, Judy Rhee and Leo Wang made it to the final round in the senior category at Lower Mainland North Regionals. It was an incredibly tough tournament with some of the best debaters in the province competing. We are so proud of their accomplishments! In the junior category Eric Li and Jonathan Chu came in 2nd place as a team while Peter Zhang and Michael Wu came 3rd, and Sarah Sheng and Angela Lu came 5th. In the novice category David Xia and Richard Chen were the top team overall.

Individually Allan Lee placed as 4th place senior speaker overall, Leo Wang placed 5th, Judy Rhee placed 6th, and Nick Young placed 10th. In the junior category Peter Zhang was the 1st place speaker overall, Michael Wu was 4th place, Koby Chen was 5th, Sarah Sheng was 7th, Anthony Chu was 8th, and Eric Li was 9th. David Xia was the 3rd place novice speaker.

If that wasn't enough in total we have 10 students going on to Provincials. Judy Rhee, Leo Wang, Eric Li, Jonathan Chu, Peter Zhang, Michael Wu, Sarah Sheng, Angela Lu, David Xia, and Richard Chen will be attending the Law Foundation Provincial Tournament in Victoria this March! Moreover, Allan Lee, Jamin Feng, Jason Guo, and Anthony Chu are alternates to go to provincials.

We are so proud of our students and their achievements and we wish them the best of luck at provincials!

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