FDT sweeps team awards at LMW regionals, 6 students advance to provincials from LME

We are happy to announce that at the Lower Mainland West Regional Tournament this weekend, FDT students were named champions in the novice, junior, and senior categories! Congratulations to Angelina Yeung and Vanessa Zhang for placing as the Novice Champion Team, Aurora Zhang and Alice Xu for placing as the Junior Champion Team, and Emily Ni and Vivian Gu for placing as the Senior Champion Team.

We also want to congratulate Sehrtaj Sanghara for placing 2nd as a team, Nicholas Viegas and Ali Jafri for placing 3rd as a team, Grace Lee and Selina Xu for placing 4th as a team, Kelly Ho and Joyce Chen for placing 5th, Lauren Meikle and Moira O’Donoghue for placing 6th, and Vivian Liang and Angela Wei for placing 8th. In the senior category speaker awards Vivian Gu came 2nd as a speaker, Emily Ni placed 3rd, Nicholas Viegas placed 4th, Joyce Chen placed 5th, Grace Lee placed 6th, Ali Jafri placed 7th, Lauren Meikle placed 8th, Vivian Liang placed 9th, and Selina Xu placed 10th.

In the junior category, Diya Perry and Lydia Montagu-Wenzek placed 2nd as a team, Cathy Zhang and Ricky Huang placed 5th, Kaari Urbanek and her partner placed 6th as a team, while Kelly Zeng and Sophie Gao placed 7th. In speaker rankings, Alice Xu placed 1st, Aurora Zhang placed 2nd, Natalie Viegas placed 4th, Lydia Montagu-Wenzek placed 7th, Ricky Huang placed 8th, Diya Perry placed 9th, and Caitlin Mah placed 10th.

Moreover, we want to recognize Michelle Liu and Alice Shen for placing as 2nd Novice Team, and Lisa Xu and Vicki Hu for placing 3rd as a team. Michelle Liu was the Top Novice Speaker, Vanessa Zhang placed 2nd, and Lisa Xu placed 3rd.

In total 19 FDT students are advancing to provincials for Lower Mainland West.

At the Lower Mainland East Regional Tournament this weekend FDT students also did exceptionally well. Emma Cont and Sean Oh are both advancing to provincials while Alex Logan and Annie Lu placed 2nd as a team in the junior category while Nick Liu and Dylan Su placed 2nd as a team in the senior category, with both teams advancing to provincials.

We wish our students the best of luck at provincials!

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