FDT sweeps awards at Lower Mainland West Regional Tournament

FDT students greatly exceeded our expectations at last month’s Lower Mainland West Regional Debate Tournament with so many succeeding and advancing to the Provincial Championship in February. Here is a rundown of the results.

First we want to congratulate our senior debaters, especially Emily Ni and Caitlin Mah who were named the Champion Team. The full results are listed below:

Finalist Team: Lauren Meikle & Moira O’Donoghue
3rd Place Team: Joyce Chen & Natalie Viegas
4th Place Team: Diya Perry
6th Place Team: Jennifer Ren & Madeline Kim
8th Place Team: Kelly Zeng & Jewel Cao
9th Place Team: Alice Xu & Aurora Zhang

Champion Speaker: Joyce Chen
2nd Place Speaker: Lauren Meikle
3rd Place Speaker: Emily Ni
5th Place Speaker: Diya Perry
6th Place Speaker: Alice Xu
7th Place Speaker: Caitlin Mah
9th Speaker: Natalie Viegas

Next, we want to commend our junior debaters for their success. Congratulations to Vanessa Zhang and Angelina Yeung for being named Champion Team. Here are the full results for the junior category:

Finalist Team: Michelle Liu & Isabella Park
3rd Place Team: Max Chen
4th Place Team: Ivy Ye & Sissi Ho
5th Place Team: Alice Shen & Lisa Xu
6th Place Team: Anita Pan & Justine Tioco

Champion Speaker: Michelle Liu
3rd Place Speaker: Isabella Park
4th Place Speaker: Max Chen
5th Place Speaker: Sissi Ho
6th Place Speaker: Alice Shen
7th Place Speaker: Vanessa Zhang
8th Place Speaker: Lisa Xu
9th Place Speaker: Angelina Yeung
10th Place Speaker: Ivy Ye

Finally, we want to recognize our novice debaters. Congratulations to Justine Tioco and Anita Pan for being named Champion Team in the Novice Category as well as Isabella Park for being named Champion Speaker in the Novice Category, Max Chen for placing 2nd, and Ivy Ye for placing 3rd.

We are so happy that this year’s Lower Mainland West Regional Championship was such a resounding success for FDT’s students. We want to wish Vanessa Zhang, Angelina Yeung, Michelle Liu, Isabella Park, Max Chen, Ivy Ye, Sissi Ho, Alice Shen, Lisa Xu, Anita Pan, Justine Tioco, Emily Ni, Caitlin Mah, Lauren Meikle, Moira O’Donoghue, Joyce Chen, Diya Perry, Jennifer Ren, Madeline Kim, Kelly Zeng, Jewel Cao, Alice Xu, and Aurora Zhang the best of luck as they go on to compete at the provincial championships in February.


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