FDT students shine at our online Winter Invitational Tournament

Last week FDT held our very own online Winter Invitational Tournament. The tournament was a huge success and FDT students got a chance to hone their skills and demonstrate how far they have grown. We are so proud of their hard work. Without further ado, we want to recognize some students who did exceptionally well. Here are the full results:

Novice Awards

Champion Team: Aiden Yi & Ilina Wu

Champion Speaker: Ada Wang
2nd Speaker: Ilina Wu
3rd Speaker: Amos Zhu
4th Speaker: Amrit Khaira
5th Speaker: Austin Zhang

Elementary School Awards

Champion Team: Puneet Khaira
2nd Team: Amrit Khaira & Carl Hu
3rd Team: Zio Park & Jade Morton
4th Team: Aiden Yi & Ilina Wu
5th Team: Vanessa Chen & Austin Zhang

Champion Speaker: Vanessa Chen
2nd Speaker (tied): Puneet Khaira
2nd Speaker (tied): Ada Wang
4th Speaker: Carl Hu
5th Speaker (tied): Zio Park
5th Speaker (tied): Ryan Wu
7th Speaker: Ilina Wu
8th Speaker (tied): Amos Zhu
8th Speaker (tied): Amrit Khaira
10th Speaker (tied): Jade Morton
10th Speaker (tied): Austin Zhang

High School Awards

Champion Team: Ryan Li & Jason Yang
2nd Team: Enya Fang & Emily Cui
3rd Team: Jaiden Ahuja & Alishia Beigi
4th Team: Rohin Dhaliwal & Raihan Hassam
5th Team: Emily Han & Kicy Wei

Champion Speaker: Jaiden Ahuja
2nd Speaker: Emily Han
3rd Speaker: Jason Yang
4th Speaker: Ryan Li
5th Speaker: Emily Cui
6th Speaker (tied): Elizabeth Jen
6th Speaker (tied): Ekaterina Gofsky
8th Speaker: Sarah Khandoker
9th Speaker: Rohin Dhaliwal
10th Speaker (tied): Skye Allen
10th Speaker (tied): Enya Fang

Congratulations to all our students for their hard work and success!

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