FDT students make it to Senior National Finals

Last weekend, Canada’s top debaters competed in the Senior National Debating Championship, the most prestigious competition for Canadian debaters. Our students, after succeeding in their respective regional and provincial competitions, performed amazingly.

Congratulations to Emily Ni and Caitlin Mah who broke 4th overall in the competition before making it to the Finals! This accomplishment is even more impressive considering this is Emily’s second year in a row making it to the National Finals. Thats not all. In total, FDT sent 4 teams to Senior Nationals and all of them broke, meaning half of all breaking teams were made up of FDT students.

We want to congratulate Sean Oh and Chris Oh who placed 5th overall, Joyce Chen and Natalie Viegas who placed 7th overall, as well as Alex Logan and Annie Lu who broke 8th and made it to the Semifinals. Additionally, we want to recognize Randy Chang who finished as a Semifinalist.

Finally, a huge congrats to Alex Logan for placing 8th as a speaker and Caitlin Mah for placing 9th.

Congratulations to all our students for their success and hard work!

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