FDT Green reaches quarter-finals of Bluebonnet World Schools Debate Tournament

FDT is happy to announce the spectacular results of the Bluebonnet World Schools Debate Tournament, a tournament run by Grand Oaks Highschool in Texas, which took place online over the course of April due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bluebonnet is a highly competitive tournament bringing together 48 teams across 23 countries around the world in a truly global event. Our teams went against some of the most elite and skilled debaters from around the world which only makes their success that much more impressive.

We are so pleased to announce that FDT Green (Peter Zhang, Annie Lu, Emily Ni, Alex Logan, Joyce Chen), after breaking 2nd overall in the tournament, won their Octo-final round, and made it to the Quarterfinals! In speaker awards, we want to recognize Emily Ni who tied for 2nd place overall speaker, Joyce Chen who tied for 6th overall, and Sean Oh who tied for 8th.

In addition, we want to congratulate Denmark Junior who are coached by Frankie Cena and Arsalan Ghaemi who won the Best Novice Team Award and WSDC Denmark who were named the 2nd Best EFL Team.


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