FDT celebrates an unforgettable year at Annual Gala

The 2020/2021 academic year was one that FDT will never forget. Not only did we transition our instruction to zoom but our students reached new levels of success.

We were so happy to celebrate this unforgettable year at our Annual Gala which we held virtually through Zoom earlier this month. We had over 100 instructors, students, and parents join us virtually to take part in this celebration.

Before we recognize the students who won our prestigious end-of-the-year awards we want to announce the departure of instructors Anna Saint, Jacqueline Belzberg, and Zakir Kassam. As the three of them move on to pursue other endeavours, we thank them for their immense contributions over the years and wish them all the best of luck! We also wanted to recognize some of the wonderful instructors we had the pleasure of welcoming to FDT this year – Abigail Conrad, Angela Lu, Anna Yang, Alexander McGuigan, Dev Biswas Aryan, Rhys Wynn-Williams, and Zaki Lakhani. We are so excited to have them continue with us into the new year!

A time-honoured tradition at FDT’s Annual Gala is to showcase the incredible students who did exceptionally this year. The following is a summary of our end of the year awards:

Novice Student of the Year Finalists
Austin Zhang
Andy Yi
Brian Shao
Vanessa Chen

Novice Student of the Year
Matthew Yu

Junior Student of the Year Finalists
Angelina Yeung
Jaiden Ahuja
Michelle Liu
Summit Kawakami
Vanessa Zhang

Junior Student of the Year
Barry Gu

Senior Student of the Year Finalists
Alice Xu
Annie Lu
Aurora Zhang
Jena Yue
Jonathan Chu
Sean Oh

Senior Student of the Year
Angela Lu

New Instructor of the Year
Abigail Conrad

Instructor of the Year
Panthea Pourmalek

We also wanted to highlight the FDT students who joined the national Public Speaking and Debate teams this year, listed below.

Team Canada Speech
Emily Ni
Angela Lu
Nora Zhu

Team Canada Debate
Angela Lu
Sean Oh

Now that the 2020/2021 academic year has come to a close, we’d like to thank all of our students and their families for making this year another extremely successful one. We’re looking forward to next year’s
classes, which will be a mixture of virtual and in-person learning, and to the gala where we can all finally reunite in person!

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