41 FDT students break at Harvard World Schools Invitational

Harvard University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world and it is only fitting that the Harvard World Schools Invitational this year was one of the most competitive tournaments FDT has ever attended. The tournament, which was held last weekend, featured nearly 200 teams, many of them national teams, and 800 speakers; this makes the tournament one of the largest World Schools tournaments ever! We are so proud to announce that a quarter of all breaking teams were FDT students!

Congratulations to FDT students Emily Ni and Randy Chang who placed 2nd overall while representing Canada on the National Debating Team. Moreover we want to recognize the following teams for their amazing success:

Arnav Paliwal
Sean Oh, Jena Yue, Annie Lu, Jonathan Chu & Angela Lu

Diya Perry, Aarushi Wadiwala, Jeffrey Guo, David Deng & Cathy Wu
Alex Logan (Team Canada)
Jennifer Ren, Madeline Kim, Kelly Zeng & Annabel Tiwana

Double Octofinalists
Alice Xu, Aurora Zhang, Jesse Liu & Nora Zhu

Triple Octofinalists
Jason Song, Jerry Song, Frank Yan, Sam Yan & Ryan Li
Barry Gu & Summit Kawakami
Meredith Wang, Cynthia Wang, Max Chen, Andy Yu & James Zhang
Daniel Zhan, Emily Qiu, Rohan Singh, Jerry Zhang & Evelyn Tu
Jin Zhou
Eric Gong
Angelina Zheng
William He

Finally, we want to congratulate the following students for placing high as speakers in the incredibly competitive field of nearly 800 of the world’s best debaters:

7th Place: Arnav Paliwal
11th Place: Jena Yue
14th Place: David Deng
17th Place: Frank Yan
18th Place: Diya Perry
19th Place (tied): Jeffrey Guo & Andy Yu
32nd Place: Emily Ni
40th Place: Aarushi Wadiwal

This tournament was one of FDT’s most successful ever and we are so proud of the hard work of our students and their coaches.

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