FDT sweeps Yorkson Creek Invitational


Some of FDT’s youngest students took home well-earned awards at the Yorkson Creek Novice Invitational in Langley this Friday.  We had the top four teams, the top team in the Grade 4/5 division, and the top 8 speakers. Without further ado congratulations to….

1st place team: Alice Xu and Lisa Xu
2nd place team:  Vanessa Zhang and Ray Zhou
3rd place team: Eric Li and Emma Cont
4th place team:  Richard Ma and James Zhang
1st place Grade 4/5 team:  Henry Zhang and Eddie Wang
3rd place Grade 4/5 team:  David Sheng and Matthew Yu

1st place speaker: Alice Xu
2nd place speaker: TIE: Eric Li & Ray Zhou
3rd place speaker: Lisa Xu
4th place speaker: TIE: Cynthia Yu & Vanessa Zhang
6th place speaker: James Zhang
7th place speaker: Richard Ma
8th place speaker:  Emma Cont
9th place speaker:  Athena Yu
1st place Grade 4/5 speaker: TIE: Cynthia Yu & Henry Zhang
2nd place Grade 4/5 speaker: Athena Yu
4th place Grade 4/5 speaker: Eddie Wang

All our teachers are so happy to see these students achieve so much success at such a young age!  

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