20 FDT students advance to Provincials from Lower Mainland North Regionals

In January, dozens of FDT students competed at the Lower Mainland North Regional Debate Tournament. Lower Mainland North is one of the most competitive regions in the province which makes our students’ success even more impressive. After all was said and done, 20 FDT students have moved on to compete at the Provincial Championships in February!

We want to especially congratulate Jason Guo and Anthony Chu for placing 3rd as a team in the senior division! Here are the full results from the senior division:

4th Team: Jonathan Chu & Koby Chen
7th Team: Angela Lu & Meredith Wang

2nd Speaker: Anthony Chu
5th Speaker: Jason Guo
9th Speaker: Angela Lu
10th Speaker: Koby Chen

In the junior division our debaters did similarly well with Brooke Ji and Andy Yu placing 3rd overall. Here are the full results for the junior division:

4th Team: Sam Yan & Frank Yan
5th Team: Fiona Li & Kennedy Kopke
6th Team: Amy Ren & Bonnie Li
7th Team: Jerry Song & Jason Song
8th Team: Ole Ho & Justin Bao
9th Team: Ezra Lee & Rohan Singh

4th Speaker: Andy Yu
5th Speaker: Jerry Song
6th Speaker: Jason Song
7th Speaker: Rohan Singh
8th Speaker: Sam Yan
10th Speaker: Ole Ho

After all these amazing results we are happy to say that Jason, Anthony, Jonathan, Koby, Angela, Meredith, Brooke, Andy, Sam, Frank, Fiona, Kennedy, Amy, Bonnie, Jerry, Jason, Ole, Justin, Ezra, and Rohan have all qualified to compete at Provincials. We wish them the best of luck!

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